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We would love to help fill your home and table with beautiful ceramics! Your friends and loved ones are excited to celebrate your love and launch you into the next chapter of your lives and relationship. Many of them will be very excited to contribute to something that they know you will use and love for years to come.

This form will help us to get started. Once you fill it out, Sarah will make a spreadsheet with a starting list of the items that you selected and send you an email (please allow 5 business days). You may choose to set up a phone conversation to iron out the details once you are in correspondence. Once Sarah has the go ahead from you, she can make you a registry page similar to this one. Some couples prefer to manage their own ceramics fund on their own registry site, and this is certainly an option. Just mention it in the notes field at the end of the form.

Once your registry is live, I encourage you to share it with your friends and loved ones, who will then be able to make contributions of any amount they desire. We'll let you know who gave you each of the contributions and pass along any personal notes they may have included with their gift.

After the wedding and after everything has been purchased, we will start making your ceramics! Since these are all made to order, please allow 4-10 weeks for production time. If you don't receive as many contributions to your ceramic registry as you hoped for, we can discuss options to alter your ceramic designs or quantities or for purchasing the remaining pieces.

We offer shipping in the US only. If you need your pieces shipped, we can incorporate this into the final cost of your ceramics.

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Partner's Name
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Dish Options
These options are available in our standard red stoneware clay.
Glaze Color Options
Available with out standard red stoneware clay.
Are you interested in incorporating some edge design elements to your ceramics? This could be added to part of your set, or throughout. We can chat on the phone to come up with a plan if that is easier. Please leave any notes regarding your glaze preferences. (this customization available with our standard red stoneware clay)
Are you interested in our Grey Ash Dinnerware?
We make a line our grey Ash Dinnerware in a limited number of designs. If you would like a set of our Ash Dinnerware, please check any of the boxes below. Otherwise, feel free to LEAVE THIS SECTION BLANK.
I understand this may vary for different items. This will help us get started.
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