Nicole and Graham's Ceramics Registry


Nicole and Graham have worked with Sarah at Wolf Ceramics to customize a set of dishes for their home. These ceramics are all hand made in Portland, Oregon. If you'd like to contribute to their dinnerware set as a wedding gift, you can purchase one or several parts of this set here. We will make this set for Nicole and Graham after the wedding and ship it directly to them. We will notify them of your gifts and include any personal notes that you wish to include!

Please note: Since each registry set that we make is unique, some of the photos in this registry are slightly different from the exact pieces that Nicole and Graham will receive. Our website does not enable us to show a live count of the remaining items still needed, however, once the desired quantity of each item has been purchased, the item will automatically show as "SOLD OUT". You will receive a confirmation email for your purchase.

These prices include the cost of shipping these ceramics to Nicole and Graham after the wedding.

Upon checkout you will have the opportunity to leave a personal note with your gift. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah at

Thank you and congratulations to Nicole and Graham!

Dinner Plate (N&G)

Quantity Desired: 10

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