The Mug Club

As part of the Mug Club, you’ll receive a new and different mug (or pair of mugs) once every season! Keep your mugs for your own collection or give them as gifts.

The Mug Club fuels the growth and sustainability of this company and it has been a core part of Wolf Ceramics from the very beginning. As business grows, the Mug Club continues to be a vital support to in allowing me to consistently employ a wonderful team of potters and to pay a living wage.

It is important to us to make our ceramics as affordable as possible, while also supporting a happy and healthy work environment and paying all members of our team a living wage. Over the last several years, our numbers of cheaper “student” memberships to more expensive“patron of the arts” memberships have balanced each other out. We appreciate your thoughtful and honest choice when selecting your pricing option! More pricing info bellow.

Back in 2015, I was working on a graduate degree in ceramics and wanted to find a way to pay my tuition without taking student loans. The first year of Mug Club memberships payed my way through the last few semesters of school! Many of my friends and community members were excited to receive a mug each season, as well as to support my studies. I was so grateful for the support and also for the opportunity to put new designs and techniques to the test in a production style setting. It was a win win.

As I embarked on a career in ceramics, the Mug Club continued to be a foundation of my business and a valuable source of consistent sales, allowing me to take the leap and build up a studio of my own. I feared a career in ceramics might be lonely (what with all the long days in the studio alone), but I surprisingly found my self feeling more and more connected to my community of customers, especially those who I periodically connected to through the Mug Club.

Mugs are such intimate objects and they have the power to change our daily experiences in small ways. I love to make new designs each season for the Mug Club, and I love it when members send me photos of them with their mugs at work and at home!

Student, Single Mug

$35 per mug + shipping : $44 every 3 months

Regular, Single Mug

$42.50 per mug + shipping: $51.50 every 3 months

Patron of the Arts, Single Mug

$49 per mug + shipping: $58 every 3 months

Student, Pair of Mugs

$34 per mug + shipping: $82 every 3 months

Regular, Pair of Mugs

$41.50 per mug + shipping: $97 every 3 months

Patron of the Arts, Pair of Mugs

$48 per mug + shipping: $110 every 3 months