Ian and Leila’s Ceramics Registry

Ian and Leila have worked with their friend Sarah at Wolf Ceramics to customize a set of dishes for their home! These ceramics are all hand made in Ian’s hometown of Portland, Oregon. To contribute an amount of your choosing to their ceramic dish set, click on the contribute button below. Ian and Leila will receive notice of your gift and we will make the full ceramic set after the wedding.

Upon checkout you will have the opportunity to leave a personal note with your contribution. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah at sarah@wolfceramics.com.

The total value of this dish ware set if $1120



Congratulations Ian and Leila!

If you'd like to see a list of the items included in this set, please scroll to the bottom of this page!

Here's what they registered for...

A set of 10 dinner plates with geometric edge designs

A matching set of 10 soup bowls