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The September start Mug Club memberships are sold out, but not to worry! I'll have more spaces opening up in the beginning of December when next season's round of mugs is ready. I always let my mailing list know of Mug Club openings before announcing them publicly and spaces often go quickly. If you'd like to know when spaces are available, you can join my mailing list here! (I only send very occasional announcements/updates to my mailing list)

By joining the Mug Club you treat yourself or a friend to a beautiful handmade mug each season! Its like a wine club or CSA. As a member  you'll receive a different mug every three months, adding a new, handcrafted, coffee or tea mug to your collection. Thats 4 mugs over the course of one year. Or, if you'd like to share the experience with a friend or partner, you can sign up to receive a pair of matching mugs each season, for a total of 8 mugs! New mugs will be ready approximately every three months, arriving in June, September, December, and March. If you join today, your first mug will be ready in September, 2017.

Business is growing Wolf Ceramics and I've been working hard to scale up production while maintaining a happy and healthy work environment. I have committed to paying a minimum wage of $15/hour and I now have two part time studio assistants. I also spent the month of May with a high school senior as my intern and mentee. It has been such a blast (a chaotic one) to have so many new faces in the studio and to gradually build the Wolf Ceramics team and community. The profit from the Mug Club has been and continues to be a huge and crucial support in sustaining and growing this business.

I appreciate your support and it brings me such great pleasure to create the objects that my friends and community will drink their coffee or tea from each morning. The Mug Club also gives me the freedom to explore and introduce new designs, and it is my hope that all of the members enjoy the year-long experience of being a part of it.

Pricing for the Mug Club is on a sliding scale and the cost covers one year's membership, 4 mugs (or 4 pairs of mugs). If you are eager to support, excited about new mugs for your home, and financially able, you can choose to join the club as a "Patron of the Arts". If you are a student, I'll cut you a deal!

Sliding Scale Pricing:

Student: $120 single / $235 pair

Regular: $150 single / $295 pair

Patron of the Arts: $180 single / $355 pair

Shipping Costs:

Single: $65

Pair: $85

The shipping cost covers the shipping for all four packages, one per season for the year.


For those of you who are local to the Portland area, you can select the “Seasonal Studio Pickup” option (no shipping charges). I offer pickup times and locations for Mug Club members in the Portland area. You will receive an email with pickup information when your mugs are ready each season.