Renew Your Mug Club Membership!

This first year of the Mug Club has been so much fun for me! I enjoy creating new designs for you and would love to continue. Your support over the past year has played a huge role in allowing me to graduate from OCAC debt free.

Wolf Ceramics is launching into and exciting time of growth! Some new ventures include several wedding registries and a line of wares at Rejuvenation Hardware. This fall I am settling into a new studio space and finally transitioning out of other work so that Wolf Ceramics can be my full time job. The profits from future Mug Club memberships will support this transition as well as the gradual growth of the business.

As a member you receive a different mug every three months, adding a new, handcrafted coffee or tea mug to your collection, or providing you with a handmade gift for a friend.

Pricing for the Mug Club is on a sliding scale. If you are eager to support, excited about new pottery for your home, and financially able, you can choose to join the club as a "Patron of the Arts". If you are a student, I'll cut you a deal!

Student: $120 single / $235 pair

Regular: $150 single / $295 pair

Patron of the Arts: $180 single / $355 pair

New mugs will be ready approximately every three months, arriving each season.

I offer pickup times and locations for mug club members in the Portland area. To opt for pickup, please fill out the shipping information on the checkout page and then select the free pickup shipping option. You will receive an email with pickup information when your mugs are ready. If you live elsewhere and/or would like to have your mugs shipped to you, there will be an additional charge of $65 for shipping (yikes! packing and shipping for four separate deliveries does get a bit pricey). If you live in Portland but would like to have your mugs arrive in the mail, you can select the local shipping option ($50). 

I appreciate your support and it brings me such great pleasure to make the objects that my friends and community will drink their coffee or tea from each morning!